New show at Joe's Grotto!

Sept. 6th at Joe’s Grotto we expect to see you in the crowd!

Joe’s Grotto Music Venue Presents:
Throb Zombie with Keeping Shay, Common Tongue, The Uninvited, and the Black Canyon Bastards!

Punk rock party anyone? Joe’s Grotto has agreed to let us and a few friends play all the greatest hits from some amazing Arizona punk bands! As always, beer and liquor will be consumed in quantities that would kill someone who didn’t already happen to be dead, then we will take the stage and attempt the greatest live practice session of all time! See you there!

Make sure you share this event with your friends, don’t be greedy…

Doors open at 7PM, 21+ only.
$5 cover at the door

Take a look at Throb Zombie’s website to get up to date information on the band, including a link to listen and download the album and two singles for FREE! or right here on Facebook at

“Throb Zombie is an intense burst of punk out of Tempe, AZ. They have a great live set and have shared the stage with some great bands here in Arizona.”
Harvey Taylor – Punk Rock ’77 thru Today

Common Tongue: Common Tongue was born from a desire to add something much needed in the punk scene in Phoenix. After a few other bands had formally dissipated (LookOutLook, Jack The Cat, Celebrate Nebraska, Officially Terminated), these friends took it upon themselves to create something that spoke to all of them. After a couple months of working the chemistry, songs started coming up, and everything flowed. Full length cd coming in 2013, but for now, there’s four songs available as a demo on Bandcamp

Keeping Shay: Keeping Shay is a heavy rock/punk band out of the sunburned Southwest: Mesa, Arizona. Much like a burrito, the band formed as a combination of already existing ingredients and Mexican enthusiasm wrapped in a warm, flat disdain for authority figures. Find out more at

The Uninvited: The Uninvited was formed when two brothers, Jerimiah “Hooch”, and Corey Moore, decided to take their love of music and guitar playing to another level, when they, and their long time friend, musician, and mentor, Will Williamson, began putting together their musical ideas for a rock band from their collective interests in music, which genres are steeped in classic rock, blues and punk. In that process they formed the beginnings of a formitable rock band.

Black Canyon Bastards: Punk/Rock n Roll with a splash of blues and thrash. Energetic and psycopathic guitar riffs mixed with a drummer who can’t stop banging his head against the wall. Throw in some scaled bass and a vocalist who can’t stop singing about dead bodies and you get the Black Canyon Bastards. If your liver can’t go a day without whiskey then you will like the Black Canyon Bastards. If you smell like a motorcycle and spit like a llama then you will like the Black Canyon Bastards.