New CD Review!

The UndergroundAlle music blog just put up a review of our new full-length CD! You can check it out at their website, or read the text of it below:

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Throb Zombie – Nameless
Sitting in the passenger seat on my way to Flagstaff for a mini vacation I decide I was tired of listening to the hip hop I had been listening to. I pull out the Throb Zombie Cd and giggle…..”Insert Here” Is the only wording on the CD label…..with cute heart shaped buttons and a hole for the zombies belly button.

OK, I think I can handle this I mutter to my roommate who is driving. “They better not let me down…..”

My first impression was that of intrigue…..the opening riff resonating in my inner cortex. Making my medulla oblongata shiver with excitement. I could tell that this was going to be a good LP, something worth listening to on my way to work, something I would play over and over until I knew every inch of that CD.

I pick up the small envelope like case the CD came in….flipping it back and forth in my hands. Trying to remember how I came across their CD in the first place…..and then it hits me like the man boobs the night I discovered Throb Zombie. I was with a friend at a local dive called Hollywood Alley, there was a drag show and we had just come from watching my favorite band Stitch Hopeless and the Sealegs. There were men everywhere dressed in drag. It was spectacular yet scary. but I liked it. I wanted more.

Doctor Bones gets on stage….and like always I find a nice out of the way spot to watch the “show” from the sidelines…..and I look over there is this greenish eery light creepily displaying this CD wrapped in plastic, glimmering like Edward from Twilight. I look for others similar to it, wondering if it belongs to someone. It didn’t. At this point I’m mumbling to myself…..getting interesting looks from the other drunks and drag kings and queens around me….but I don’t care, my precious….

I quietly and discretely tuck it away in my back pocket. I can feel the CD calling me. Throbbing in my pocket. I get home that night, toss is on my stack of backlogged CD’s for review and fall face first into my bed. Little did I know months later I would Consider Throb Zombie one of my FAVORITE punk bands to date.

The CD has songs like:
War on Religion
The Cage
First in Line
Bring it Back
Peace of Mind
Let Go
Throb Zombie
Body of Lies
God Loves Everyone
Better than the Skankin Pickle, Mustard Plug and San Diego punk bands I grew up with. This is the epitome of what punk/ska punk/steam punk should be. This is the type of punk I know my son would listen to, the kind he would secretly put on his iPod. This is what Punk should be. I feel like I’m in Punk heaven.

Throb Zombie……don’t let me down. I need more of you. Please. Like a junkie that needs her fix, I need your music to soothe the savage beast laying in the dark.

Make it so…..