For the Playdio visitors

Throb Zombie jumped on the Playdio wagon this year! Since we are as mainstream as possible (we’re talking Nickleback mainstream here) in the hard rock world we fully expect to win this thing and give some famous national band the opportunity to close one of our concerts!

Thanks for popping over from the KUPD page, here’s what you need to know about Throb Zombie:

First off, go to our Facebook page and LIKE it to keep up to date with us.

We play punk rock, usually with some humor and politics involved.  Yes, Woodrow our zombie mascot does have a boner.

You can get all 16 of our songs for free at or buy a physical album here.

We have a show coming up with the Venomous Pinks on November 15th at the Wok Star Bar, details here.

Our last show ever is on Friday the 13th in December at Yucca Tap Room.  Flyer is attached, and details here.

To listen to more songs written by our singer, Brett Dooley, and to see his other projects, go to

Don’t forget to tune in on Thanksgiving week to hear all the Playdio bands!