Ask Woody!

Woodrow the ZombieMy name is Woodrow Zombie (my friends call me Woody, and I eat people that aren’t my friends!).

I’m the fifth member of Throb Zombie, but they never let me on stage since I have a bad habit of eating the crowd… not really my fault, I’m a ZOMBIE!!

I am here to answer all of your questions and to accept your praise somewhat gracefully!! If you have a question or a comment for me, email me at and I will answer it here!  Make sure you use email, if I’m hungry you might not want to get close enough to ask!!  Find me on Twitter at WoodytheZombie

Naaarrrrgghhhh….. zzerrggghhhh!!!!



So let’s start into the mailbag!!

Question:  How did you become a zombie?

Woody: Well, I’m not really sure… I went to bed one night, and when I woke up all I could think about was eating brains!!! Which was weird, since I’ve never really been all that into brains previously…. Except for this one night… nevermind.  Anyway, I looked in the mirror that morning and my skin was green!! I thought it might be the take-out food I had the night before… It also turns out that whatever condition you are in when you become a zombie, you stay that way!! And it was morning… and I’m a guy… (hmm… this is awkward…) well, anyway when I went to work that day everyone ran out of the office screaming (I caught one though!! Tasty!!!)


Question:  Hey Woody,  can I play with your instrument??

Woody: I always encourage everyone to learn as many instruments as possible!!


Question: So Woody, what’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Woody: You know, the thing I really enjoy the most is hiding in a dark room when some of my friend zombies are out attacking!  Some people always end up running in and locking themselves in the room (as if we’re going to give up the attack!! Hah!!)  Then, once they feel somewhat safe and secure, I jump out and start eating!! You should see their faces when they see me!! Priceless!!!  Other than that, probably playing checkers…